Friday, October 14, 2011

terminally 3

despite previous pronouncements that i will never ride cebupac again, i find myself for the third time in this terminal.  my luggage took a different plane from mine the first time i rode cebupac.  so i wasnt thrilled at all to find myself here again.  but with all that hoopla over pal labor unrest, i have no other choice. 

the terminal could have been fine really.  with a bit of glamming up, it could have been enough for foreign visitors to be satisfied, not to be impressed, though.  but because it now belongs to budget airlines, i see...

... 70% in flipflops, beachwear

... fun but noisy barkadas all around (ang saya saya!)

... koreans

... all kinds of handcarry bags (sm, sando plastics, manila envelopes)

... buses that load passengers tothe aircraft

things ive started to look forward to

. illy coffee & their uber-nice packaging of mineral water

. cute hunky guys in tank tops

. nice shops of everything

. that guard at the baggage xray check with glasses and biceps

one major complaint: they have got to improve the audio for announcements.  i could barely hear boarding announcements.


Anonymous said...

for two weeks now my flight has been diverted to T3 from T2 and there's no mabuhay lounge at T3. I missed the exclusivity in T2 for PAL passengers. The long line at the entrance of T3 is dreadful and if you decide to enter at the the far end entrance, there are no push carts there so you have to run (as in run) to get a push cart unlike in T2 where push carts are in abundant supply. I wish PAL operation will go back to normal soon. Down with PALEA! PALEA leadership, WAKE UP guys. There is no such thing as business as usual nowadays in this fast changing business environment.

itsmeprincedon said...

i remember those chairs sa termimal na magka dikir dikit where you must go around para makapasok at maka upo

anddd yun mga upuan sa plane na hindi ka man lang maka relax sa sobrang sikip ng upuan!

cebupacific memories!