Monday, October 17, 2011

my entitlement issues

this post was supposed to start this way "how do i stop resenting guards of entrances to public places when they check my belongings?"

when i enter these places, im mentally prepared to show my displeasure to this guard as he/she waves the wand (is it a hi-tech detector?) and uses it to probe into my bag. this is on top of my disdain for queues and lines in the first plane.

knowing that they are just doing their job doesn't help. im still irate as i pass him or her. then i have all these awfully mean thoughts: alam mo ba kung magkano yan? and im not proud of that.

then i realize im just manifesting my sorry attitude of entitlement. im feeling that my status and my position entitle me to be treated differently from everbody else. i expect that they should have judged from my appearance that i am unlike everybody else.

this is my aha moment. how stupid of me to even think that i am actually different from everybody else just because of these trappings. i actually have begun to expect special treatment.

when i travel, i dont feel special and do not expect to be treated that way. worse is i sometimes feel even inferior. hence, i obey and comply. i fall in line, i let them frisk me just like everyone else.

mamang or ate guard does not deserve my sneering. he/she is doing her job by not treating anybody else specially.

now let's see how i put this paradigm shift into practice.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you and your epiphany. This country is full of entitled people which are a real problem if we want to build a civilized society. I have been in a couple of serious arguments with people in this country who simply ignore the queue. I’ve lived in North America and Europe and I miss the transparency, civility and the first –come-first-serve attitudes in these societies. Sadly, these attitudes are still lacking in this country.

itsmeprincedon said...

my sisters are like that too
sabi nila, di naman kami mukhang terorista bakit kung makapag poke sa mga designer bags at maka hawak eh wagas na wagas?

well i guess ganun talaga we feel superior kasi we dont look that way :))