Sunday, October 30, 2011

103011 a long trip starts

here at naia, the world's worst airport.  the title is arguable.  im sure a lot have been said and will be said about this.  i bump into a guy i used to date. wow. he is looking great. he seemed genuinely happy to see me.  he was the one who actually approached me.  my behind looked familiar daw.  lol nothing substantial happened between us.  not even you know what.  no sparks.

we are supposed to board by 11pm.  but i still see the flight attendants at the boarding area.  will we be late again?

i got here in 40 mins from my place.  that gave me three hours leadtime to boarding.  when i got here, a looong line was already formed at the counter! sheesh were they here 5 hours ahead?  all the lining up eventually ate up more than an hour of waiting.  oh well, i shouldnt't be complaining.

i prepared for this long flight (combined 16 hours ill be in the air) by downloading all the series i needed to catch up on: mad men, desperate housewives, spartacus.  then the are the books i need to read.  and the time magazines.  now if only i could control my sleeping timeso i would have less jet lag in my final destination.

ill survive this.

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