Saturday, November 5, 2011

110511 2148 Philippines?

i joined tour groups today. two half-day tours. yeah, these are usually tourist traps. but if you want to get the sightseeing done and over with, without having to do much planning, this is your best bet.

i usually do this for new places i visit. most of the trips i do are business trips anyway.

i joined small groups today. morning tour around the city of cape town was with 9 other pax. afternoon tour to the winelands, we were just six. i was mostly with whites: germans, americans, english.

i'm usually identified as asian. and a lot of them assume that i am either chinese or japanese. (hey mr. wong or hey mr. lee - i guess that is the counterpart of us calling each white guy joe.)

though when i mention that i'm actually from the Philippines, there is usually recognition, awareness. but not 100%. my afternoon tour guide didn't know where the Philippines was exactly.

recurrent themes upon recognizing that you are from the Philippines:

i've met some really nice Filipinos. very friendly.

there are a lot of Filipinos in (names their city). usually they are nannies.

i was on this cruise ship. and most of the personnel were Filipinos. and when i played some latin music, whoa, all the Filipinos just started dancing. it was hilarious!

how's the weather there? i hear it's like raining so much.

oh wow. how is manny pacquiaouuuw? he's great.

and as i have mentioned before, traveling is one humbling experience. im just another asian roaming their city, a tourist.


Anonymous said...

wow... it was nice that you are able to travel alot. how i wish i could do that... i just traveled around the country and in southeast asia... i hope i could do what you're doing... have a safe... and best regards Corporate Closet

Anonymous said...

before the boxer Manny P. became famous, the most famous Pinoy they could think of is Imelda Marcos and her shoes.