Monday, November 28, 2011

a private person

cc, how come you don't blog as often anymore? i miss reading stories of your life, how things are going with you.

ahmm. kasi boring na buhay ko compared to the first years of my bloglife.

oh come on. no way could it be boring. tell us about your relationship.

i thanked him for reading, i was touched that he came up to me at the activity. he didnt immediately get that i was cc. i guess the cc on my name tag looked like a shirt logo. lol. and he actually looked quite attractive. it was flattering to be acknowledged.

but i wasnt completely honest with him. my life is not boring, it is too stressful and exciting, but not in the usual way gay life would be. i used to perpetuate the stereotype: the clubbing, the random hot sex. then there was the search for The one, and the drama of loneliness in between. and all that made for good gay reading,

my life with pc is no less interesting. and i could imagine writing about many things that we have been through, both the light and the heavy. it won't be a tiggah post but it could still be fun to read.

however, pc is a very private person. he does not seek the limelight, actually shies away from it. he was raised that way. and i truly respect that. so even as i write this post, im thinking i might be violating a vow to keep our life private. yet i know that each personal post i write inadvertendly includes a part of our life. so i think he understands that compromise.

so my life with pc, even those i would love to share, is off the list of topics in this blog.

so i write about other things. and often, the inspiration to write is choked by the business of living every day. and i certainly wouldnt want to just write about anything. there is just too much garbage out there that i should not contribute to. so the pressure to write something just a bit more substantial mounts and sometimes, stifles. and days pass that no new post is written .

even my attittude towards twitter has evolved that way. i limit my tweets to those that can mean something. and not just to express myself. so i admire those who twit with wit everytime. (minsan turn off lang yung mga kailangan pang mag retweet ng mga puri na natatanggap nila.) but then again, everybody has a right to self-promote.

the posts may be few and far between, i apologize. and i dont want to make promises either, that posts will be forthcoming, full of meaning and substance. alas, i am not built that way either.

but i will try.


Geminianchi said...

it's what we readers, me at the least, were drawn to your blog. meaning, essence, substance...that's what characterizes your blog. yes, posts may come frustratingly far apart but more than satiating when ur "idea machine" decides to churn out one.

keep it up CC

Orange said...

I really believe that your blog is one of the best PLU blog available in cyberspace. It makes a lot of sense, it is also something that I can relate to.

The hell with what people want, for me, you are someone that inspires me to write.

'Nuff Said. :)