Saturday, November 12, 2011

pinoy mad men

spent time with the stalwarts of the pinoy ad industry.  one long day with them.

some of them i knew from way back.  proud to see that these people i started my corporate career with have done so well.  some of them i was familiar with in college.  they used to be part of this fag group who figured prominently in campus, with their noses up in the air.  i found them snooty then.  partly because of my own insecurities.  but now i get to know some of them and they turn out to be nice and friendly.  and very accomplished.

i viewed dozens and dozens of commercials yesterday.  wonderful output of the best agencies.  after seeing them, i started to see patterns. 

realism in beautiful lighting - urban or rural setting, as real as it could get.  more often in humble (read poverty level) environs.  but captured in wonderful cinematography.

background music unplugged - to accompany the rich visuals, instrumentals without lush orchestration.  typical just pluckings of guitar strings.

real people, less celebrification

the 30-second telenovela

this reflects the spirit of the times.  the 'reality tv' mirror we indulge in.  and of course, the 'indie film'. rather than be dazzled by aspirational themes, we are more reflective now.  and that transcends geography and socio-economic classification.

some noteworthy materials that represent this came from meralco, nestle, safeguard, cinemalaya (siyempre)

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