Monday, October 24, 2011

encounters from the other side

ñpc's phone rang.  and as he answered it, i looked around for my sando and boxers.  i knew i threw it around in wild abandon just minutes before.  i found it and wore the boxers.  i did some fixing of the bed as pc was still in conversation.  i was waiting for him to finish. 

and when he was done, i cuddled up to him again, still bare-chested.  after a few moments, i got up to finish dressing up.  and i couldn't find my sando anymore.  i knew i just had it moments ago.  i didn't even leave the room.  yet we couldn't find it.  it just disappeared!  we searched the room, and even the bathroom.  nada. 

pc started to question my memory.  maybe i didnt actually have any sando on.  maybe i just thought i had one.  but no, i couldn't have gotten that wrong.  i knew i had one on before we started uhmm undressing.

it must be the dwende!  there is no such thing, pc retorted.  we are catholics and we don't believe in those things.  i just giggled.

because i actually believe in dwendes dwelling in the house!

this property is old.  the house before this new one has been up since the 40's (pre-war).  and until we demolished it two years ago, it was the same old house.  my lolo got the property back when san juan was known as san juan del monte, because of the hilly terrain.  and it was still the area for expansion.

out in front, by the street, we had two trees: chesa and caimito.  and we would often hear stories of passersby on the street who would see the proverbial white lady and even a tikbalang.  of course that scared the shit out of us kids.  but the most mentioned creatures mentioned by those with the 'third eye' are the dwendes the reside in the property.

we would periodically lose certain things.  and they would just re-appear from nowhere days after.  (so that sando disappearance was not uncommon).  and we would rule out petty theft because the stuff we would lose are so mundane and ordinary.  comb. shirt. book.  it is almost like they just playing games with us. 

but of course, all this was just conjecture and story-telling.

the closest we ever got to some kind of confirmation was the appearance of tiny footprints on the hood of my then-brand new red corolla.  one particular morning, our household help noticed one set of footprints, measuring about just 4" in length, traversing the hood of the car, on the windshield and on the top.  it was amazing!  it really looked like little feet, with no shoes.  the toes were even visible.  unfortunately, we weren't able to capture it on film (di pa uso digital nun)

before we demolished the house, we consulted an espiritista, a person who could see the creatures and could perform rituals to either appease them or ward them off.  upon setting foot in the old house, he immediately told us of the presence of so many dwendes, families even.  and unfortunately, some of them were the mischievous type (the black ones).  we paid him to do the rituals designed to tell them to move residence since we were about to demolish this one.  it took a few days of rituals (which we never witnessed but we trusted anyway).  then he told us that he has placed a protective covering over the house.  and he even dared us to ask any friend with a third eye to visit the place to declare it free of the spirits.

anyway, it has been two years since, and aside from my disappearing sando, there have been no stories about our inhabitants. 

are they back? ninuninuninuninu (twilight zone music)


joelmcvie said...

There are no dwendes. Your sando was just sucked in between your boobs, hahaha!

Anonymous said...


Victor Saudad said...

If a gay unicorn exists, why can't a dwende?

Yes, I'm a belieber!

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

i've captured one on cam with my my 3650 back in 2nd year college.