Wednesday, October 19, 2011

presenting... The Homosexuals

i would have wanted to live in the 60's, as i mentioned previously.  with the fashion i so admire.  but this is one reason i am happy where i am.  this cbs documentary was produced in 1967, just about the time little cc was sucking... on his milk bottle.  i got wind of the video from manhunt daily, my only source of porn these days.  (just stills, no video) 

you will find it rather long.  i lasted for only 15 minutes.  but that is enough for me to realize...

... how recent the attitudes have been so negative an unenlightened (meaning in my lifetime)

... how awful it may have been to be homosexual then and be labeled as deviant or sick

... how courageous our elders must have been to continue living the lifestyle despite such prejudice

... how lucky i was as an adult in the 80's

... and how much luckier you all are for being an adult now.

so much to be thankful for!

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