Sunday, October 2, 2011

midnight snack

1200mn.  pc preparing to leave. but before i take him home, we will have our midnight snack of durian.  amazing the way the fruit keeps in the freezer for days.  amazing, too, that pc and i adore this fruit, disliked by so many.  it is absolutely delicious.  addicting, even.  this is one fruit i actually crave for. cheers to the pleasures of durian!

finally got around to buying this new keyboard dock for my galaxy tab 10.1 so i am happily blogging away.  and that also means i will officially sell my ipad1 on

that site has helped me sell my old canon powershot g4.  and helped me get a good deal on my lumix.  again, pc's influence on me.  he regularly trades on the site and swears by its usefulness.  galeng-galeng!

in between mad men, we are watching spartacus, blood & sand, s01.  it really should be blood & cock.  i thought game of thrones had much frontal nudity.  that pales in comparison with the male nudity im seeing here.  a very good reason to watch the show.  uber-hot bodies in various stages of undress.  gladiators on show.  still couldnt believe hbo would actually produce something like this!

i got wasted last night at a send-off party.  sheesh.  it was typical fabcasters party:  soju everywhere.  much landian.  much puking after, right @mcvie? LOL had mega-fun, something we had not done in a long time.  i initially resisted joining in the karaoke singing.  but i gave in eventually.  and lost my voice in the process.  LOL.  my voice teacher will scold me for putting my voice box in jeopardy.

the fabcasters+ (plus for the peanut gallery).  when i joined them years back, i never thought it would evolve to become a community.  and that is what it is.  a community of like-minded people.  a very natural evolution for a social group.  we have seen it grow and accommodate more and more people.  but as new faces continue to grace the fabcasts, we have also seen faces disappear back into their lives.  i miss them at times.  i wonder what happened to them, what they are doing now.  they were once a part of this.

yes, these are just random thoughts at midnight. 


Tony said...

Well you can believe that HBO won't produce something like this because they didn't produce Spartacus: Blood and Sand. :P

Though True blood is pretty damn near in the sexy body parading category.

pointlessparanoia said...

Hope you could get some sleep.

ortigaswanderer said...

We both share the same comment on Spartacus, but Tony's right its not from HBO parang "Stars" ata basta nakikita yun sa lower right ng screen parang advertisement. If you think S01 is a parade of big men with their swords, S02 is better i think in terms of that aspect, everything else i dont know yet as i just finished E02 last night and the full story is yet to unfold.

Story wise, I'd go for Game of Thrones :)


Mandy said...

Nodding my head in agreement with all the comments above, seriously.