Saturday, September 24, 2011

face to face with csw's

commercial sex workers or csw's - the term i use in class when i discuss the case on hiv/aids. it sounds so clinical and sanitized.

im no stranger to them. ive been a patron. but during this fabcast, a frank discussion with two of them still has me uneasy. i guess it's context. my talks with csw's have been in the context of before or after services rendered. so there is that private, even intimate moment between him and me. and there is, i perceive, gut-level communication.

discussing at an analytical level commercial sex work, in a round table discussion is an altogether different ballgame! even as i admire their courage to speak about their work (esp boy shiatsu), i was actually uncomfortable for them during the fabcast.

there was a raw moment. and it served to reinforce my discomfort over this. but just as quickly, the fabcasters and peanut gallery pick up with wit and humor!

so listen in. it may be an eye opener for some. (it even was for me)

at the very least, enjoy the banter!

Music credits:

"Left To My Own Devices" by the Pet Shop Boys
"The Sodom And Gomorrah Show" by the Pet Shop Boys
"Suffer The Children" by Tears For Fears

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Anonymous said...

Hindi actually nakakatuwa iyong ibang hirit. like "about the guy and his brother doing it". Medio off iyon. Otherwise, ok sana

Rygel said...

have been a patron too and to prolong the illusion that it's more than just a business transaction, i prefer to pay first rather than after.