Saturday, September 17, 2011

c on c 2

wow. its so nice to read comments from raiders i havent heard from in a while.

rudeboy. which is why need feedback to validate our self-perceptions. but even in the face of honest feedback, we can delude ourselves into thinking otherwise. but accdg to anthony de mello, sj - waking up happens in an instant. but opening one's eyes can take a lifetime. so i guess im really taking long to open my eyes. :-) who is the girl staring back at me... :-)

ronron. go for it. go for buff. give it everything you got. yesterday at the bar here in cebu, my friend's ex showed me his bare torso pics. Darn! hot. i rationalize - he is only 32yo. and can still achieve it. bitter much. hehe

mac callister. yup. lahat naman tatanda. may mauuna lang kaysa iba. LOL

lobster. haha. no apologies needed! you were reacting to my emo post on the slow progress of my workouts. bitchesa much. hahaha. you have amassed yourself quite a headful of feathers, then!

d. love it the way you are catching up. you are making me reminisce about the recent past - moony and enigma. moony still cuts my hair. and remains sweet. enigma, i just get updates through fb. i think there's still some nega vibes there. :-(

ginn. the buffet is still available! indulge!

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