Thursday, September 15, 2011

c on c: cc's comments on comments

im not able to comment on your very nice comments because of time limitations and, more importantly, limitations of the iPad app i use. the app focuses on posts, not on writing and moderating comments. henceforth, i will react, reply, respond to your comments as a post. smart, no? hihihi

new reader D. thanks for enjoying the blog! and recommending! and back-reading, too! that's four years of crazy posts you'll need to catch up on. haha. its comforting to know you like DILFs. comforting, daw oh? haha (feeling DILF ako! yikes) hope to hear from you more! and about the career shift. im guessing you are young still. follow your heart. and if you are not so afraid to start from the bottom (since you feel your current skills are not matched), id say go for it. when you love what you do, the pay will follow!

jphotmess. ill keep on coming. Lol. that didnt come out right. i truly love that song of lola karen (sumalangit nawa). kurot sa puso, i call it.

ronronturon. what a cute handle! my archives stories are old stuff, ha? im just reposting because i actually deleted them before. so no feelings developing at all! lol postscript. i never heard from him since he left that job where i used to see him. and im better off that way! and send love to your brother. one can never tire of saying i love you.

the greenbeaker. the relationships with our siblings will mature as we mature ourselves. we will look back at all the bickerings and arguments and laugh at how trivial and petty we were before. and about that torso pic, you got me looking for a recent pic of a bare-chested cc. Lol.

pepe. do share your story. thanks for that sweet comment. :-) and you will be the sweet, caring uncle to your pamangkins. i feel guilty im not always there for them. hope you could be.

gelo. hey nice to hear from you. never thought you read the blog! yeah, i remember chatting over at grindr. i wish you and your grindr romance well!

anonymous reader on mba. a lot of good mba schools around. (notice the hesitation to name schools. hehe) location might be an important consideration, since these are pretty spread out. i'd really recommend an mba for people who want to go further up the ladder (and even for those thinking of shifting careers! listen up, D!)

thanks for reading, raiders!

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Pika said...

Have you tried the official Blogger app for iOS?

the green breaker said...

thanks for that sound advice. i think it's just a matter of time.. :)

and with the picture, I'll be waiting!