Saturday, September 3, 2011

at another time

pc is such an old soul. if he had his way, he would have preferred living in the Victorian era. his first gift to me was a dvd copy of 'age of innocence'. he glories in the splendor of that time - the castles, the chariots, the gowns and coattails, the. music.

i would have preferred the 'mad men' era, the 60's.

the slim fitting suits. the suave and debonair time when i was actually born! im in the middle of 'a single man' by tom ford, and im just floored by the fashion and the styling! talagang bongga ang ate!

this was the time of my parents. they were in their mid-20's. and they already had a huge family! haha i saw some of their photos during that time. amazing. too bad my dad didnt keep any of the stuff. i would easily fit into them now!

i love the slim suits, the immaculately pressed white button-down shirt, the slim ties. well, the vests i could skip. hehe. even the colors are wonderful. muted earth tones. rich chocolate and greys. the interior design was so stylish and sleek. wood was plentiful then. hence, wood paneling was everywhere, including the automobile dashboard (yes, it. was still called automobile then).

im suddenly obsessing over the fashion. curiously, banana republic launched a mad men collection! yikes. there goes the credit card!

dont you just luv barbie & ken?

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