Wednesday, September 14, 2011

cc archives: Cute Manga (March 21, 2007)

No I am not referring to a Japanese animated character. I mean Manga-gamit.
Met him at an island-type retail outlet in qc. He had a great smile when he noticed me staring.

And because it wasn't a very busy day for him, he found a way to sneak out and meet up with me. a quick handshake thereafter and, of course, the cell phone number.

i felt lucky! and I assumed he was one of us, with that kind of response. we texted immediately after and ASUS! he was already asking whether i'd like him to be my boyfriend! heller! that wasnt what i was after. and i was honest about it.

we remained 'friends'/text mates. i would pass by his 'stall' and sometimes would invite him for coffee.

this is the funny part - we go to starbucks and he doesnt mind ordering the most expensive coffee item, grande! sometimes he would text me asking me to enroll him at fitness first. and there's the occasional pasaload. GOSH. i didnt even know how to do that till this time. lately, we had lunch (my treat, of course) and he asked for take out - crispy pata pa! the clincher: the guy's getting married next month and yet he still asks me if i might want to reconsider him as a boyfriend!

thick, really thick. but you know what, i am not turned off at all. i find it quite amusing, wondering where this will all go. again, a reminder, we've never even had sex. would we ever? do i still find him attractive? oh yes i do. he really is a cutie, nice bod. not too tall though.

other things on my mind. i never thought it would happen to me - become sugar daddy. hahaha.

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RoNRoNTuRoN said...

may feelings ka ba sa kanya?! be careful not to torture yourself too much. :D and yes, ang kapal nya for the take out crispy pata!

Tony said...

no no you are going about it all wrong. You are teaching him the wrong things. Drop him like a hot potato when he does something unbecoming.

Its like training a dog. Reward him when he does something nice and teach him a lesson when he does something bad.