Thursday, September 29, 2011

mad men marathon

the advertising industry is very close to my heart. i started my career in the corporate world in advertising. that was fun but stressful. i was at the bottom of the food chain as an hapless advertising account executive. dakilang utusan ng kliyente. and terrorized by everyone, including (or especially) creative people! LOL but i was proud as an account executive. i started honing my relationship-building skills while attending to the needs of demanding clients. by doing a.e. work, i got my o.j.t. in marketing. and the best part was when my most demanding client, the big big boss of marketing of the bank even sent me a cake with a note of thanks for 'taking care of the account'. i posted that on the bulletin board!

i just finished season 1 of mad men. and im thinking, what took me four seasons to start watching the series? true confession: i thought initially it was some tv adaptation of mad max (stupid, right? lol) then of course, i went through a phase of hardly watching any series. and when i finally came around to watching again (primarily due to pc's influence), i prioritized other series like glee, desperate housewives, modern family. lately, its been game of thrones, walking dead. pc actually downloaded mad men previously and we set out to watch the pilot episode. but we got carried away with other things. *wink*

so after another series of awards for the show (and my fascination with 60's fashion), i finally decided to watch the darn series. and i must say, im hooked now. im appreciating each and every nuance of the well-produced episodes. the story did get a little incredulous with its twists, but hey, they needed to inject a character plot somewhere, right?

as always, the production values just astound me. the attention to detail to recreate 60's america. and im noticing the suits of uber-dilf donald draper. what a classic profile this guy has. yan ang gwapo!

*wipes drool* i wish i had that savvy. and that hairline. too bad i can never wear my hair that way. too thick and wavy. lol.

i love the way the series looks transitional. america was changing during that period. and what better way to show the evolution than through the eyes of advertising!

im done with season 1, in just three days (made use of travelling time during seoul trip to watch). i hope i could finish seasons 2 & 3 soon.

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