Tuesday, September 20, 2011

acceptable exhibitionism

fellowfab lobster tony is one of the blessed ones. he always get front row access to the gayest parteh in town (disguising as ladies' night), the Cosmo Bash. and being such a nice fellowfab, he shared his abs-in-your-face experience with us mere mortals by posting these lovely, lovely videos. check out his site for more.

yes, the videos sent me salivating. and again, becoming envious of such mahvelous physique on display.

display is what they did. you could see how each and every one of those cosmo bachelors worked the crowd. and were being worked by the crowd. they were clearly in da zone when it comes to performance! im imagining that for some of these straight guys, there must have been some hesitation to disrobe. but showbusiness attracts the exhibitionists. those who ultimately marched down that ramp must have been turned on with the adulation.

so as i watch the video, a thought pops in my head: they are like 'circus animals', trained to entertain and wow the audience. and the ooohs and ahhhs, the screams, the hoots all serve to reinforce the exhibitionistic tendencies.

and i thought to myself that that is not different from all the fb profiles with torso pics, and their 4000+ fb friends. posting a sexy shot out there and getting such nice compliments and comments really feels goooood.

and i finally i realized, im no different from them either. :-(


Viktor Saudad said...

ughmf! HOOT!

Tony said...

there is no shame in showing off methinks. When you have it flaunt it. No reason to show false humility. Enjoy the adulation, that is the result of hard work. :D