Thursday, September 15, 2011

the galaxy tablet 10.1

im missing my tablet. yes, it's at the service center. pc saw this 'oil slick' looking stain on the surface, below it actually. and it seems like there's a batch of the tablets that had the same problem. since it is still under warranty, pc brought it to the service center for repair (he didn't want a replacement. he was thinking that they might get from the same defective batch).

it isn't so noticeable, actually. but for oc-oc pc, nothing is unnoticeable. it's so cute the way he obsesses over these things. his gadgets have to be perfect. and he is making sure mine are, too.

i hesitated writing it, fearing the 'i-told-you-so's' that i'd be getting for switching over to the 'other side'. but honestly, i would have lived with that oil slick. i didnt notice it until it was pointed out to me. and when im using it, it is virtually invisible. so for me, the tablet is still a good buy.

1. it's really fast. downloads of web pages are amazing. the best part is watching youtube. i had to wait forever for youtube videos to play on the ipad. not here.
2. i have no video streaming problems (through flash. though flash and apple seemed to have patched up their differences?)
3. i love that it has a usb attachment accessory. i have effortlessly transferred movies from usb to the tablet.
4. and speaking of movies, it will play almost all types. mpg. avi. div-x. whatever alphabet. lol. whenever i watched movies on the ipad, i had to search for the mp4 version, or have it converted. what a hassle.
5. i can download torrent files directly. YES. directly. imagine the convenience of that. and since it isnt picky about movie file types, i can instantly play what i downloaded.
6. i love the accessory that allows me to attach an hdmi cable to it. voila, i can surf, email, chat using my LED 42" screen. from 10.1" to 42" amazing.
7. i can control my samsung devices (tv & bluray) from the tablet, like a remote, even without the cable. with a wifi connection (and a dongle on the tv), im instantly connected.
8. there seems to be more free apps here integrating social networks (fb, tweeter, foursquare all in one interface)
9. the complete browser experience allows me to easily, very easily upload pics, change my profile pic unlike the ipad. (which is the reason why i havent changed my fb profile pic in a while!)

1. the touchscreen keyboard is less responsive.
2. the task bar on the bottom of the screen, below the spacebar of the keyboard is annoying. i touch it sometimes unwittingly.
3. few apps have been made. the android app store doesnt distinguish between honeycomb & gingerbread (or using mac lingo, no separation of ipad & iphone apps).

but benefits do outweigh the downside. because my use of a tablet is primarily for surfing and social media. im not an apps kind of guy. i dont even play angry birds, for crying out loud. so no big loss for me if apps are limited.

samsung service center said that it was ready for pick-up. i hope they fixed it well. so i can enjoy all the benefits. finally.

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Anonymous said...

Try AnyPlayer for your iPad habang libre pa and wala pa yun Galaxy mo CC