Sunday, December 11, 2011

IJ Case 16: Remington's Man of Steel

If you're ever in Toronto, and feeling in need of some live hotness, by all means, look for this!

Toronto is supposed to have the 3rd biggest Pride March, after only New York and San Francisco. So you will find a very lively, gay friendly city with lots of spots to visit. No wonder Queer as Folk shot all seasons of the series here!

On my first night, to prevent me from sleeping, my friend took me to this strip club. It was on a legitimate part of downtown Toronto. and it didnt even bother to be discreetly tucked away somewhere. it was on a main street.

Entrance on a Thursday night was 10 dollars (CAD) per person. not bad. entrance opens to a bar. and at 10pm, there was only one mixed group ogling at the only dancer on the stage with the pole. Dancer was muscled, not cut, but really beefy. and he had this DUH look that made him look like a football jock.

only after a few minutes of dancing, he whips out his cock and strokes it to bigness. the mixed table shrieks in delight. i was shocked. this is the first strip joint i've ever visited in north america. the clubs i visited in manhattan were just discos with gogo boys. so this blatant display of cock amazed me.

we went up to the second floor, which also had a bar and its own stage and pole. and there were more people here, well more fags here. and id say the average age of the clientele is 50! yup. geriatric crowd. and all the hot guys were just walking around or entertaining at the tables. some of them already in their 'costumes": briefs, tank tops. most of them are the stuff of american porn - big, muscled beefcakes. a few were outstandingly handsome. the rest were still fine.

and their business, while waiting for their turn at the stage, is to talk to the clientele and convince them to go to the private room for a lap dance. my friend/host has tried it once. 40 dollars for like 15-20 minutes. yeah, they strip all the way. yeah, they would allow you to touch. beyond that, he's not sure. apparently during his try, he even got big macho russian to eat his asian meat. whoa.

well, since i was still getting sleepy, despite the display of muscles and cock, we called it a night and went home. but it was some kind of experience, i must say. it's like seeing those hunks you download on xtube come to life. and if you've got the inclination and the finances, hey you could really make your wet dreams come true.

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omg toronto here I come lol