Sunday, December 4, 2011

before i turn in

im on my bed. waiting for sleep to arrive. i hope jet lag has left my system. i cant bear another night of tossing, turning and jerking off. lol

saturday is pc day. and that meant staying here in my bed, catching up on episodes we have missed. today is downton abbey day. we are still in season 1. pc loves this period telenovela. it has such sharp wit, which only the british could write. we end up laughing out loud, because we actually get it! hahaha

we also watched avatar again. because i was testing the bluray player freebie i got from samsung. this new one was a replacement. the first one conked out after 1 day! factory defect! hay. well, this one seemed to be functioning well. sadly though, it wouldnt play avchd format, which is the format of the pirated bd that i buy. boo. i might end up buying that el cheapo from cd-r king. i gave one to my secretary and she seems pleased with it.

we had dinner with some friends. one was celebrating his birthday. this is the mapanglait crowd. but all in good humor. it was fun touching base with them.

last night, i had home service massage. perfect for my insomnia. only problem, the therapist was this 6ft sexy cute guy. and he stripped to his undies while he was massaging me. so instead of being able to relax, i became aroused, and bothered. because i didnt want to have a happy ending. yet i was so conscious of the way my foot would casually stray in his crotch area, or my hand. he actually offered. but i declined. so after the massage, i was in this state of arousal. i had to eat to distract myself! lol

tomorrow, ill have voice lessons, rehearsals for some singing ill do on tuesday then a nice run in peyups in the afternoon. i hope the weather is sunny. i love the afternoon sun there.

so good night for now. i hope slumber comes soon.


gibbs cadiz said...

ako din, happy sa el cheapo cd-r king blu-ray player. :)

ron said...

which massage service is this?

marcus_tbg said...

could i get the cp number of the the massuer, please, please, pretty please:

martin said...

cc baka naman you can share this masseur's number. bihira matangkad na masseur. my email's

Anonymous said...

whats the number of this therapist?

you should have taken his offer and have a happy time....sayang!!!