Friday, December 30, 2011

Life in Feng Shui

it all started with an officemate gave me the 2010 Chinese Horoscope and Feng Shui book by Lillian and Jennifer Too. He recently got into all these things even if he isnt Chinese. and he wanted to share his good fortune with me. He asked me my chinese zodiac sign and did his research about the Fire Horse. He gave me the book as an 09 Christmas gift.

It was accompanied by this odd-looking ornament, supposedly a fire symbol. The horoscope pointed out that 2010 will be marked by conflict, whether personal or business. The symbol, when placed appropriately in West, would ward off the conflict star. I complied by putting it in my office. I was thinking there would be no harm. And he does mean well.

In 2011, he gave me the book again. This time it was accompanied by this rather heavy piece, a 'wu lou', a container for keeping herbal cures in China. He told me that Illness star was on the Southern horizon. Hence, by placing the wu lou in the south of my bedroom, it would generate healing energies. And so I did. The household help must have found it odd, for it didn't look particularly appealing.

This Christmas, he gave me the 2012 book. And what came with it was this better looking Victory Banner, a symbol of victory. This would enhance my success if placed in the Southwest part of the bedroom.

PC arranged all this in the bedroom, following the strict orders of placement. He told me to bring the Fire Symbol home to slowly complete the amulets. So now I have three of these inside my bedroom. PC told me in time, I'd probably have all the amulets needed. Would I be megasuccessful by then?
I actually relate to the Chinese Zodiac more than the Astrological signs. When I read the descriptions of the Fire Horse, I see more similarity with that compared to my Piscean personality description. But since I love compromises, I feel that I am a combination of both, hence I am actually a Sea Horse. (weird ba? LOL)
In 2010, I was eager to actually read the book and see what it held for me, especially in the area of lovelife. Since I was single then, I was wondering if my love fortune would come true. But such eagerness came only at the start. So I never really knew whether it accurately predicted that I would fall in love with PC in August 2010. (I couldnt find the book anymore)
But this time, I still have the 2011 book. And I now have the benefit of hindsight! So what did I discover?
Well, I don't recall major illness this year. I actually did a complete executive check-up and was pronounced healthy. I don't even remember getting really sick during the year. No flu. Not even major colds. Well, I did have some exercise-related injuries. And I did suffer from insomnia after that Toronto trip. I am tempted to say that the book was grossly inaccurate. Though another might say that the wu lou actually worked!
The book actually has monthly summary of what to expect. I dont have the patience to go through it now. Im reading the prognosis for this month and I am surprised that it lists down that my spirits would be down, my confidence shot. And I have been going through such emo lately. Hmm. interesting.
I wont divulge the outlook for 2012. Yes, I have read a part of it. The dragon year would still be very challenging for the Horse. That's enough. Ill revisit this book mid-year and see again if it predicted anything accurately. Meanwhile, I shall let these amulets do their work and hope that 2012 will turn out to be a better year for me.

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