Wednesday, January 11, 2012

painting project

an instagram friend posted a pic of a painting he did. i was impressed and asked if he could be 'commissioned'. he gamely responded. he turned out to be a raider! and would be happy to do a painting for me. what colors? what theme? what would you like me to paint for you? initially, i was tempted to direct him and tell him what i wanted for the bedroom wall. what the color scheme was inside so he could complement it. but i changed my mind. i told him to paint based on what he would want to paint for corpcloset. so no directions from me. just paint whatever is inside your head when you think of cc. soon he'll be starting on the project. im so eager to post the final output here. with his permission, of course. on a side note, ive been thinking of doing a sitting for a group of painters. a cousin told me some of the professional visual artists like to do group painting/sketching if only to keep their basic skills updated. he actual did a sitting for a group of 10 for a minimal amount. and the variety of interpretations was just amazing. so im interested to do this. a naughty part of me is thinking of a nude sitting. lol. nude photography would be too risque but maybe painting wouldn't it? besides a photograph of you hanging on a wall is sooo.. whatever. hehehe well, i still dont have the body worthy of it. just a silly late night thought. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


Anonymous said...

I think you will be an awesome subject for the painters. Char. Just started reading your blogs recently. Mga 2 days ago pa lang so sooooobrang recent lang. Haha! And i already love it. Specially for tips for having a color scheme for travelling. Have to finish reading kasi im still reading your 2007 blogs. So many stories to read, so little time. Haha! TC much CC.

closet case said...

hey! welcome to this humble blog! i hope you find it both enjoyable and useful, in one way or the other!