Thursday, January 12, 2012

cc watched: julie&julia

just finished watching 'julie&julia', the movie and all the special features of the disc. i never had much interest in special features (incl. behind-the-scenes). but because i still had some time after watching the movie, before dinner, i decided to watch the special features of the disc.

i remember an acquaintance who loves watching all the special features, esp. the behind the scenes footages. i remember him saying that these make the film infinitely more interesting. and thats the reason why he doesnt buy pirated movies, where a lot of these add-ons are subtracted.

watching the special features of julie&julia made me that realize he is right. the entire movie process is amazing itself. and seeing the actors as real people so soon after donning a 'character' makes me appreciate the art and skill! and of course, the entire creative process, conceptualization down to marketing is educational and inspiring.

back to the movie. well, i liked it because 1. meryl streep is in it. 2. its about blogging 3. meryl streep is in it.

mega-relate to the julie's blogging. how she started. how the first comment meant so much. and that argument with her hubby, how blogging made her so self-centered. and uncaring. hahaha. i should watch it. hehe.

a lot of people got bored with it, though. the pace does get really slow. and as much as i love meryl, her character's voice (julia child) does get tiring. and i didnt get nearly as hungry as i should have. lol

the special feature on julia child was an eye-opener. made me very curious about this celebrity chef. (though i guess she never crossed over to this side of the planet)

but i enjoyed. and at a time i was feeling quite ill, it made me smile.

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