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cc archives: manyaman (march 29, 2007)

that's "delicious" in capampangan. An affair I couldn't forget. Probably up there in the list of gorgeousness. he was a former contestant of those ginoong chuva-chuva. a campampangan with the looks, the height and the built. couldn't believe he actually fell for me, poor me. :)

picture this... malate, bed to be exact. after midnight, not too crowded on a saturday night. i was with partner and some other friends just dancing. i noticed him. one couldn't ignore him because he really is 'model arrive' or model ang dating. but he was with another guy, a gym mate even, and i thought they were a couple. not until i saw gym mate hugging another guy did i realize that His Gorgeousness (HG) is actually available.

while partner was dancing his heart away, i subtly eyed him from across the dancefloor. (yeah, yeah, crucify me) i noticed he was slowly starting to acknowledge my presence (pa-simpleng sumusulyap). that emboldened me to go towards his side of the place, where the bar was. i ordered another drink while hoping against hope he would approach me. NAAAH he didnt. but he did look my way a couple of times. so i took it as a sign of interest. baka shy-type lang.

went back to my place and continued eyeing him. aba eh nag-shift rin siya towards my side of the dance floor! from time to time, partner would come back to me then dance again. then the 'expected' happened. he moved to go to the 2nd floor rest room! OPPORTUNITY!

i casually remarked to partner that i was going to the rest room. i followed him. he was done and zipping up (or buttoning up) when he saw me, with a surprised look (recognition!). i really had to use the john so i was kinda antsy he might leave. but lo and behold, he stayed in the sink area, doing the 'proverbial' hand washing, preening behaviors typical of one stalling for time.

i made it quick and was behind him. i got to know him that night, got his number, texted him mine. got to finally talk to him the day after. and told him my civil status "M". he changed his tone upon knowing that. i was honest about it. and how attracted i was to him.

that started it. a week after, i took him to a friend's house, the house he shares with his new love. the four of us had dinner then drinks al fresco at their verandah. i set up 'seductive music' in the background (thank you itunes & itrip). with the candlelight, the booze and the heat, the drinking session soon became heavy petting session. BOY WAS THAT HOT! he was just absolutely gorgeous, i felt i hit the jackpot!

the affair started and the complications followed soon after. partner is always out of town so it wasnt with him. it was with another affair that i had started before i met HG. in short, HG was already No 3. but he quickly moved up to No 2 after previous No 2 (soon to be known as legal eagle) broke up with me (because of HG).

fate intervened and took HG to Europe and the Middle East (only after a month into the affair). and you know what distance does to love... so the affair eventually drifted into zilch.

post script

he surprised me with a visit recently. i thought it was going to be rekindled. we had dinner and promised to see each other within the week. it never happened. never got in touch again. i heard he went back to Europe... for good.
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