Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sixth sense

i just woke up.

i had a dream i was in my high school. in the old building part of the school. i was with my fag hag girl friend. that part of school was from hispanic times. and was thought to be haunted.

in the course of the dream, i was walking on the corridors when i started seeing dead people. first there was this black young priest who smiled and just walked into a wall. then as i went inside the men's toilet, there were two more, old priests (italians) whom i knew in my dream have died. but instead of fear, i felt like i had that eureka moment "wow! i can see dead people! i finally have 'the eye!'"

i was inside one of the rooms when i saw a group of them walking through, including one i knew, a friend. i asked him so casually how he has been since he died. and he just said that all has been fine.

i was asking fag hag whether she could see the person i was talking to! i was excited for her to see as well. but she didnt. and she still couldn't see.

i walked out into the corridors again, an intersection, and there was music and dancing, among the dead people in daylight! and i joined them in the revelry. and i can see them in all forms and sizes, some disfigured, some looking more like monsters. but none of them were scary at all. actually there was this peace and happiness as i realized i could see them.

and in my dream, i just wanted to tell people that 'hey, there is life after death.' it ain't so bad! nothing to be afraid of.

then i woke up. nothing abrupt. and i just had to write about it.


Boy Shiatsu said...

if i was in your shoe... mamamatay ako!

Orange Wit said...

Its so cool having a sixth sense... And yeah, there is always life after death!

Happy New Year, CC!

Reg from YM said...

So thaaaats what your brain was defragmenting that night...