Tuesday, January 24, 2012

quickie: a Chinese New Year Holiday

For the 1st time ever, Chinese New Lunar Year was declared a holiday. Why?

Im just thinking, if this is meant to butter up to the Fil-Chinese who control the economy, think again. If there is any ethnic group that believes in excellent work ethic, must be the ethnic Chinese. Methinks they would not necessarily welcome the work break, this being unproductive. They believe in making each and every second, and peso, productive. And that is something I greatly admire.

But heck, I enjoyed the break.

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Chinese Adobo said...

We've gotten used to spending CNY as a quiet private family affair. So having it declared a special holiday is more a nuisance ie. work stoppage, crowded restos

Geri said...

They own the most big business anyway, holiday = more people spending = profits :p

tristan said...

Hi :) I am one of those Chinoys who deeply enjoyed the holiday. beyond the value of peso we can earn for that day is the value to be with our family :) It's far more important.
Yeah, it is also a recognition of the government that we, chinoys, have place in the Philippines (just like how we used to celebrate islamic and christian feasts).

Kung hei fat choi, cc :)