Thursday, January 5, 2012

a must-see

our hispanic colonial past, though said to mirror the other latin american countries, especially mexico, is still something i would call unique to our culture. the blend of asian-hispanic influences may feel like a clash of sorts, resulting in a confused pinoy heritage. but it remains part of us. part of me. and i feel a kinship towards it. which is why when i got to visit Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan in September, i was in love.

it is an experience that is worth recapturing. because i grew up in a house much like these. i have memories of capiz windows. of slatted wooden floors that needed to be polished with a bunot. of staircases and aparadors. of termite and mice infestations. of stories of aswangs and tikbalangs and white ladies. my dreams, and sometimes nightmares, all happen within the context of this old house.

seeing representatives of that era reconstructed, painstakingly transferred from previous locations, evokes lovely memories. i just had to bring the family there when my siblings came to visit for the holidays.

the resort allows some of the houses to be rented as suites. but they also have a hotel-type with rooms. i booked one house for all 11 of us, Casa Jaen, for an overnighter as a christmas gift. im glad to have given them a gift of time travel.

there's a bridge that connects to the shore. a wonderful and romantic walk at night reminiscent of paris. don't let the figures below scare you. the tikbalang and the manananggal serve as our gargoyles of notre dame!

tourists, local and foreign, would do well to visit this. the architecture spans generations, actually. and the houses have stories to tell. dinner at the plaza would have folk dancing. not a pinoy strong point but heck, it's still part of the package anyway.

ill come back here when the church is done. from the pillars already up, it seems like it would be a wonderful edifice, standing beside the 'river'.

and since this faces the west, you can have your fill of sunsets.

at only 3.5 hours away from manila via the scenic sctex, it is a perfect getaway for me and simplyred.

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RoNRoNTuRoN said...

ay ang ganda nga dyan... mahal jan? cguro..... ansarap magmaganda jaan!!! ahahaha. lalo na at mukha akong kastila. char.

feiane (fe-yan) said...

sobrang ganda!... thanks for sharing.... happy new year!

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Nhil said...

I've always been fascinated with vintage stuff. There's a "crisp, sweet, peaceful" scent in them that I love.

Good post.

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luke lacson said...

i always fancy architectural designs/palaces such as this. growing up in negros occdidental, bacolod to be exact, we have so many houses like this. we used to own one. my lola's and lolo's house. but i don't know what happened to that magnificent house. d ko na abutan.l just heard stories of it. anyway, Spanish/Portuguese influenced me a lot. hence im 40 40(Spanish/Portuguese ) 20(Chinese). but im all pinoy! :)