Sunday, April 28, 2013

Smash-ed with Glee

I enjoy catching up with fave series, shows I've started to appreciate because of my previous partner. I'm never one to be always watching as each episode rolled out. I'd usually wait for a few to have aired before I watch. So I am always a few episodes late.

I couldn't help but notice how divergent Glee and Smash have become, despite sharing the same musical format when they started. And I appreciate both, in different ways.

Glee has 'adult-erated', meaning the content is certainly not for kids and teens anymore. The show has deliberately widened its target, as some of the former high school students are now college kids. And they have started to really be so 'adult' in their stories. I was surprised to watch that episode, after the Mr. Schuster's failed wedding reception, where the kids "coupled" and shacked up in hotel rooms for the night. Then hot hunk Brody turns out to be a gigolo.

But something that Glee never fails to do is to be relevant. I have just finished the episode incorporating "shooting" inside the campus. And previously, the show has been at the forefront of hot issues like bullying. I salute Glee for always taking a stand on these matters.

Having said that, the 'innocence' and charm of the first season of Glee has been lost along the way, a consequence of growing up, just like all the leads. I would be amazed at the music, and their varied covers of songs old and new. Now, I watch the show to keep abreast with the stories more, and less for the music. And I am guessing they have lost viewership along these lines, too.

Now Smash has always been more 'adult', more mature in its theme. And because of that, I used to struggle with the 'break into song' template they share with Glee. They did a lot of covers on the first season, but because the show revolves around a musical, they have more original songs than Glee. The show's storyline has always been a very good premise for me. Hence, I have always been more keen on watching the show to see how the story would develop. Who doesn't enjoy a cat fight? hihihi

But this second season has seen them doing less covers and ever more original songs, as they now feature not just one but two musicals-in-process. And because of that, they have a reason to use very different musical genres, still within the "Broadway musical" context. I am personally blown away by the music this time around.

However, I find this development a bit too abrupt, story-wise. I have this sneaking feeling that the producers have been doing tons of research on audience feedback. So they decided, quite suddenly, to take the show in this direction, right at Episode One, Season Two. I suddenly saw so many new characters, replacing old ones, all being introduced in the first episode. I found that quite jarring.

But having settled in, i am truly enjoying the twists and turns of this show, so much more telenovela-ish than Glee. I love how central the gay characters are in the story. Hurrah for Tom Levitt! hihihi But what I find lacking here are more drool-worthy male characters. hehe

So all in all, I am still enjoying Glee and Smash but for different reasons now. The reasons have switched, actually. I love the new music and production numbers in Smash as I have become more intrigued with the storyline evolution of Glee.

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Chris said...

I love these shows, too! Though I have mixed emotions with Glee. I loved the first season, but I hate it when they go all after school special. I like it when they focus on a normal storyline, like Rachel's overachieving need to be a star. I also liked the more mature angle they were taking the latest season, but I think they still suffer from trying to show too much. I think they just need to establish certain characters as leads and just follow those storylines. :)

Atty. Mico. said...

I both love the shows too, but I think Glee has lost its charm. Sue and Brittany S. Pears are two of the characters that you love to watch, but it seems that they were sidelined... You are correct in being relevant. Actually, the last two episodes of Glee seem to be a comeback of sorts from deep slumber. Now, onto Game of Thrones. :)

woagg davao said...

Oh smash. Is the gay series of the year :)