Tuesday, December 31, 2013

my Man of the Year

Time magazine released their POY issue with Pope Francis on the cover. Nancy Gibbs wrote the essay detailing (justifying?) the choice. I couldn’t agree more with her.

“And yet in less than a year, he has done something remarkable: he has not changed the words, but he’s changed the music.”

Image lifted from: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/pope-francis-person-year-2013-time-magazine-529353

My priest-friend kept on emphasizing that. He has not contradicted what the Church has said in all its doctrinal sermons. And when it comes to gay marriage, he still tows the line. But he has kept on putting the spotlight away from these issues to the ‘real issues’ of poverty, inequality.

So what I hear him saying is: It’s not so much about finger-wagging and being ‘holier’. Let’s focus first on compassion, on giving, on healing. Too much energy has been spent on ‘fighting’ for traditional issues. Yet, people, millions of people are dying of hunger and disease because of income inequality, because of tyranny of a capitalism gone wild.

And when he says something like, who am I to judge a homosexual who does good, I am instantly inspired and gratified. If the Jesus Christ-appointed shepherd himself refuses to ‘classify’ me either as ‘goat’ or ‘sheep’, who could?

On that very personal note, my journey of faith has taken on a different dimension. I should have enough of my angst and guilt over what I do or whom I sleep with. If I truly believe, then go out and just shower love. If need be, let this ever-present conflict spur me to be humble and be generous.

I am sinful. That is a given. But I have to move on and help, and contribute, and love. And forgive. Myself and others. And as much as I am a wallower, I will have to put an end to all that ‘woe is me’ wailing. I will just chalk it up to ‘experience’. I will move forward and see that there is still so much to be done. And I am raring to do it.

All that wailing ends today, this last day of 2013.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that God loves us, whoever we love as long as we are not stepping on anybody's toes while doing it. How can they say that God is love and yet condemn us from loving those who we love? Just because we love someone of the same sex doesn't make it a sin. Is a corrupt government official who stole from the government coffers less of a sinner than me who has lived a law abiding life except for that one tiny and inconsequential choice of a mate?