Monday, March 23, 2015

Gay Men Project

I read about this in the newspaper. Yes, I still read the newspapers. I still like getting my news from established sources. Hehe

The gay men project is a photographer 's quest to take photos of gay men from all over the world. Kevin was in the Philippines and has actually interviewed 7 beks. One was featured already in the blog.

But aside from photos, Kevin also produces videos of the gay men he has met. I watched some of them and found them fascinating.

No, this is not your usual collection of photographs of beautiful faces and bodies. I like that a lot of them are actually regular gay men like you and me. The photos are well done. The written interviews that accompany the pictures are fine, though I felt that there could have been more insight into their lives.

I like the videos more. The stories they tell have multiple dimensions, as Kevin also captures the scenes, the details in their faces and their voices.

Kudos to Kevin for such a project. If I weren't in the closet, I wouldn't mind being a subject. LOL

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Anonymous said...

You. Are. In. The. Closet?

(Hindi nga?). Peace.