Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Anong gagawin mo kung may nakahubad na lalaki/babae sa harap mo?

Ah. The typical "How LGBT are you?", methinks, as if my sexual preference is a result of not having been exposed to a naked woman (since I am gay).

But I have been asked this previously. I laughed at it. I think I answered with a question. Why would a girl be naked in front of me in the first place? They clarified with "an intention to seduce me." I got totally uncomfortable and muttered something like "nothing..."

I have had sexual intercourse with a woman. I enjoyed it, as far as being able to reach an orgasm is concerned. I was not sexually aroused by her body, by her breasts or her vagina. But my penis reacted when she started touching it, and as I mounted her.

This was way back. I don't think I could even muster an erection if it happened to me now.

Reading her response, I got the intent of the question all wrong:

Kung lalagyan ng malisya, ang inaasahang sagot sa tanong na ito ay "siyempre, susunggaban ko." May pagtingin kasi na ang mga LGBT ay hayok sa laman, walang pinapalampas at join sa lahat.

Ang caricature, ang two-dimensional, ang unfair. Choosy din naman kami.

Ohhhh. So, in my situation, it would have been a naked guy in front of me. What would I do? I admit I am a sexual person. And I get aroused by men I find attractive. So the answer would be tentative. "Ano ba ang itsura niya? With a twinkle in my eyes.

Am I reinforcing the caricature with such an answer?

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arnel said...

..back in college, and although my sexual awakening did come at a much earlier merong girl na may gusto sa akin ! the point na she did grab and squeeze my butt! At the same time two college guys have been giving me hints that they were both interested to explore yonder than simple eye contact!PERO HINDI SILA NAGHUBAD SA HARAP KO!...teka..ano ba ang ginawa ko...WALA LANG ....DEAD MA....mas inuna ko yung lakwatsa sa RECTO!