Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lonely at the Top

This is the view from my room at the resort in Bohol. I am with my colleagues at the execom level, one of our 'teambuilding' activities. My peers and my bosses are all nice folks but i just can't bond as much because of my closet doors. I was dreading this trip, more because of the discomfort of trying to be one of the guys. Its not so bad but God, i am wishing i was with my partner and my friends. Its a great place, bohol. But i could be having so much more fun talking about the eye candy around rather than the NBA or pretty girls (their eye candy).
Worse is when they start mentioning the matandang binata na pamangkin.

On the other hand, this doesn't happen often. And it really is part of corporate life.

It helps that my subsidiary is performing well. They wouldn't want to piss me off.

It gets lonely at times like these. But these are minor trade-offs. After almost two decades, one learns to cope. One develops a rich interior life. And one's iPod becomes the best friend.

Next time raw, abroad na. I need to develop an escape plan. Tattoo that to my bod. ;-)


migs, the manila gay guy said...

i second the motion! (kahit na hindi pa naman kasing-top mo ang top ko!) hahaha!

iknw_now2 said...

Sana ako na lang with you..I will make every minute of your stay happy and enjoyable..Kidding aside, the place seemed to be very romantic..and who else would you want to be with,of course the one you love..MAybe you can set another out of town date together.

closet case said...

thanks for the offer iknw... any place would have been fine if i could be myself with people i enjoy the company of.

Finzione said...

I'm gay but I love NBA. Srsly.