Tuesday, September 10, 2013

cc quickie: In Too Deep

with MHL - I have been disappointed with the turn of events. Military training, seriously? Father incarcerating his own son? Di ba usually tinatakwil lang? LOL But as I am one to finish something I started, I cannot just stop watching MHL. I have to finish this. I have invested so much of my weeknights to just drop it, despite this weird twists of plot.

with my workouts - There are times that I just really want to quit working out and dieting. Good grief, I’m pushing 50yo. Do I really want to continue stressing myself, my body out? Sometimes, the body just pushes back. Feet hurt. Joints creak and ache. Sometimes, it’s just the mind. The mind convinces the mouth to just open up and swallow. Ahh that pastry! That chocolate! That wine! Yet I know that I am also just in too deep in this exercise shit. I really can’t stop anymore. I can slow down (and I have!). But contrary to those fleeting moments of surrender, I know I will be back on the bicycle or on the flat bench. And I will be counting calories and servings again.

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FiftyShadesOfQueer said...

That's okay since you benefit from your exercise. Just know when to stop. :)