Saturday, September 21, 2013

cc quickie: 4 hours in a hospital room

I am playing Carediva role to my father, as he recovers from his major operation. He has been wheeled in from the recovery room 4 hours back. And I haven't left the room since.

It's difficult seeing him wince in pain, a pain he registers at the top of the scale. The anesthesia and analgesics have worn off. But I show a brave face, I brush his hair as he moves a bit in pain.

The male nurse looks cute. But protocol dictates that he wears his facemask the entire time. It makes me wonder how he really looks. And how I could get him to remove it. Yes, I am that bored.

I tried reading his book to him, my dad, I mean. LOL. But a few pages into it made me tired. Age, I suppose.

My mom will relieve me in a while. And I probably wont get to see cutie male nurse anymore. And I also wont care.

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