Tuesday, September 24, 2013

cc quickie: I fear for his life

Making the headlines in all media last week were Papa Francis' (Pope Francis) quotable quotes on the Catholic Church and homosexuality, women, and even abortion! There are ongoing analyses of the ramifications of such pronouncements. And even our dear CBCP are probably huddled together trying to make sense of it all, in the midst of their archaic positions on many issues.
I embrace him and send him all my love. But I fear for his life. Seriously. There are major, major (yes, Venus) interests that are riding on preserving the conservative status quo. And as Dan Brown-ish as this may sound, those organizations are not above anything to protect their interests.
I feel that all of this he is aware of. And it may even be some sort of suicide mission of his, if only to prove a point. Morbid? Conspiracy theory much? I hope am being just too praning.
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chink said...

Firstly, there shouldn't be much "excitement" about his statement because he is simply reiterating a fundamental aspect of the relationship of every individual with God - that is, an internal forum between a person and God that should not be interfered with even by the Church. As i said before, if we continue to expect affirmation from such an archaic institution such as the Catholic Church, we (LGBTQ community) forever project ourselves as dogs waiting for crumbs to be tossed from the table.
Secondly, we have to believe that the Holy Spirit really exists to guide the Holy Father in the history of salvation prepared by God for him. If he will be called immediate like John Paul I, then so be it. In this sense, i believe this is how the Will of God is made manifest.
Thirdly, indeed there are many groups of interest within the Vatican. Hell, this is one of the reasons I left the church after having experienced the bureaucracy within the different Curie. I believed that Papa Francis really wants to overhaul the system within the Vatican. When I was there last summer, he was making headway and he has found friends who are willing to help him in his endeavor. Praning or not, for those who cheer for him, he also needs our prayers to sustain the immense effort that he is undertaking.