Thursday, September 12, 2013

Me and Me2: Conversations with my conscience

CC: There he goes again.

CC2: Who? What?

Cc: He's on his phone again.

Cc2: Leave him be. Watch the movie.

Cc: He's been at it since the movie started. Just reading his social networks.

Cc2: And that's a problem because...?

Cc: Well, because we are together! This is supposed to be time spent with me.

Cc2: And you are together. Aren't you in bed together watching?

Cc: Yeah, but look at where his attention is. On his phone.

Cc2: He's just checking his messages.

Cc: For 30 minutes?

Cc2: And just being updated. Remember, this is HIS generation. They are so wired. They need to be connected 24/7.

Cc: Good grief.

Cc2: Relax. Enjoy the movie.

Cc: Ok. I'll try.

After a few days...

Cc: It's still bothering me.

Cc2: Whaaaa? Seriously, what is bothering you.

Cc: The amount of time he spends on his phone, even when we are together.

Cc2: Oh that. Again, that's his generation.

Cc: But isn't that rude?

Cc2: That generation doesn't see it that way. They consider it natural to be checking on their phones even when they're with company. But I have to admit that it isn't polite. But is he really excessively on his phone when you are together?

Cc: Not always. But a lot of times. And I found it particularly 'noying that last time. Because we were apart for days. And he said he missed me. But when we are together, he misses his phone more.

Cc2: Maybe for him, being together means doing these things together, beside each other.

Cc: I'd agree if we were talking about watching movies, or enjoying a show. Or even if we need to do work. We could do that together. But for this time, we were already trying to watch the movie together.

Cc2: Maybe the movie bores him. Or, you know how these kids are, they are multi-taskers.

Cc: Sigh. Yeah, I am just one of those tasks.

Cc2: Nothing personal, dear. They just have a lot of things happening at the same time.

Cc: Yeah, like checking out those hunks. That's what he does.

Cc2: That's not the only thing he does. He does tell you about those things he reads, right? They become topics for conversation, right?

Cc: Well, yeah. He shares them with me. He becomes my source of information.

Cc2: You see! All that has value.

Cc: But in between that, he checks up on those hunks.

Cc2: Nothing wrong with that, dear. You do that, too.

Cc: I do not! I don't follow them.

Cc2: But you enjoy looking at their pics, too. He follows them. That's his trip.

Cc: Ok. But what if one of them starts to chat with him?

Cc2: Ahhhh. You are jealous.

Cc: (silence)

Cc2: Look, those are just faces and bodies. Hahaha.

Cc: But that's how it starts. One chat.

Cc2: Because that's how you guys started, right?

Cc: (silence)

Cc2: You've got to trust him on this. He did that then because he was single. And even if those guys tried to hit on him, you have to trust him that he wouldn't flirt back.

Cc: Really? He wouldn't? Oh come on! With those bodies... Those biceps!?

Cc2: Because you would, right?

Cc: (silence)

Cc2: He's not you. Just because you can't trust yourself doesn't mean he couldn't be trusted.

Cc: Ok. Yeah, you have a point. Well, I go back to that thing about being on the phone even when you're together.

Cc2: Well, tell him.

Cc: I don't know... I think he already has this phobia of our "talks".

Cc2: haha What do you mean?

Cc: He already knows when I am about to start a conversation like that. Or I am about to scold him or something. His face contorts into this sad little puppy.

Cc2: That's so cute. But I hope he's not just mocking you.

Cc: No, he's serious. And he apologizes sincerely.

Cc2: Wow. Not often do you see guys like that.

Cc: I know, right? That's why I don't want to keep on scolding him or even telling him these things. He might just put his arms up and give up and say that he can't do anything right.

Cc2: Is he the type?

Cc: I don't know. I hope not. He says he's not.

Cc2: You've got to take his word on it.

Cc: Yeah. But during lighter times, he'll bring these things up and make light of it. And it looks like he is seriously keeping track of each and every altercation.

Cc2: And that pisses you off?

Cc: Well, just a bit. But he really is the best when we have these talks. He listens and doesn't do it again. Well except for this one.

Cc2: Which one?

Cc: This thing about being on the phone too much. I subtly alluded to it when we were on a vacation. I asked that we should have some time together when we don't check our phones at all.

Cc2: And?

Cc: And he did. He stopped checking his phone. We both did. An entire night.

Cc2: Good for you, too! So you shouldn't have any problem about telling him again. Or you should have actually told him that night when you were together. That was no-phone-check time.

Cc: Yeah. Maybe. I was hoping he was sensitive enough.

Cc2: Oh no. You shouldn't expect these things. He doesn't think like you.

Cc: Ok. Fine. I'll tell him about this thing that's been bothering me.

Cc2: Good for you. Finally. Be honest. How?

Cc: I'll blog about it.

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Jjampong said...

I'd like to have that special day wherein me and my partner can just be together without having to check on our phones, laptops and other devices.

I think a place where there's no signal and wifi would do :)

Seth said...

this is also one of my pet peeves. the generation thing is so unacceptable. manners never go out of style

FiftyShadesOfQueer said...

Hey, I'm in this generation and I hate it as well. My partner is 12 years older than me and he's doing the same thing. I asked him to stop and he dd. Still wary with what's going on his phone though.