Monday, September 23, 2013

cc quickie: Hey Raiders! Crowdthink!

I received an email seeking some advice. Mr A is a foreigner, late 30's, who has visited the Philippines regularly for the past 5 years. He fell in love with a Pinoy and discovered how much "more fun" it is in the Republic of Filipinas. (I still feel uncomfortable with that as our official name!). Sadly, that Pinoy broke his heart. And as he has moved on, he would still love to meet, and fall in love, with a Pinoy. He is still based abroad though. But he is open to possibilities "with the right person".

What advice would you give to him on how to meet 'proper' Pinoys online? I emphasize 'proper' because Planet Romeo seems to offer up to him only Pinoys interested in some financial relationship. That was truly sad to hear.

So guys, crowdthink! What do you think?

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Jjampong said...

I don't think it would be easy to find someone in PR for that possibility (to fall in love)... How about someone from the blogger?

I think we have some romeos here far better than in PR =P

jimiToT said...

I think the chances of finding true love at PR or any other dating site is one in a million. But there's nothing to lose if you try. Btw i met my partner at G4M, we're on for 7 years now (and counting) ;]

Anonymous said...

Why not introduce him to MGG? And MGG can introduce him to a lot of proper guys via his wide readership. Worked for me. :)

Anonymous said...

where can he find the true love he's been looking for? i will give him my exact address! - theoneandonly.

Georg said...

This may sound elitist, but I really don't mean to make this offensive. But I should say that the surer path to finding guys who are "proper" is to go for the graduates of top-tier univs who are currently pursuing promising careers. Not tough to find them, really. It's just a matter of living up to these guys' standards (which get ridiculous sometimes)