Thursday, February 6, 2014

Grateful. Still.

My barkada planned this Hong Kong trip in October last year. It was another chance to get together, after ‘bonding’ in April in Butuan-Surigao. We had loads of fun catching up then.

As one barkada, we have been together since the 90’s. Yes, the 90’s. One of them was my classmate in high school. The 80’s. We used to travel a lot together during that time until mid-2000’s. Understandably, we were in our 20’s going 30’s then.

But as the second decade came rolling in, we had not gotten in touch as much. This would happen only during someone’s birthday or when a friend from abroad visiting. Then early last year, we started to organize trips again. So even if we don’t see each other as often, we would look forward to the trips and the parties to keep in touch.

We were all supposed to leave today, February 6. They all left, including c3. I stayed behind. I suddenly had the mumps. I found out this morning at 3am. But up till 5am, I was still hesitating. Maybe it’s not the mumps. Maybe it’s no so bad. We’ve paid for the fare. What a waste it would be.

But even if my body could have handled it (I was having just low-grade fever intermittently, and the only thing bothersome was that swelling of the right parotid gland.), and even if i wasn’t so sure it was really mumps (I’ve had it before! How come I’m not feeling so bad?), I decided that I didn’t want to risk infecting others. (I’m reminded of ‘Contagion’, where ground zero was Macau! Yikes!)

So I was feeling awful. Really bad. c3 wanted to cancel but there was no use both of us not going. I can’t even risk him coming to see me anyway. So I urged him to go and not to waste the fare and accommodations.

But I’m snapping out of this self-pity mode. I still am grateful I didn’t go and get sick out there. That would have been terrible. On the budget. And inconvenient for everybody. I also get to spend some rest time at home. Maybe that’s what I sorely needed.

Yes, I am grateful. For gratitude, the attitude, is a choice.

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Simon said...

good choice to stay behind.. It is after all better to be safe than sorry :)

mave said...

You can come Hk any time. Let me know if you are coming and i will love to meet up if i am here.

Anonymous said...

It could have well have been just an acute parotitis and you might have enjoyed that trip with your bf and friends in spite of being sick. But who knows really... The only way to be happy with your decision is to accept that it was the right one... I agree: to be grateful is a choice... I do hope that you got better quickly...