Thursday, September 17, 2015

an FB on FB 1

Lucas first met him on social media, a seemingly random "add friend" notification. He checked the profile pic. Hmm. Not bad at all. Cute twink actually. He had nice pair of doe eyes, and a set of dimples. Have they met? He didn't think he looked familiar at all. He checked out more of the photos. Yes, definitely a twink. Not that he's into twinks. But good looks in the face department trumps body type. And something about twinks make them so... bottom-able. LOL

He is no power top. His definition of sex doesn't include anal penetration. Maybe it's a throwback to a time when fellatio was the ultimate sexual activity among men. Yeah, he's big about sucking. He loves receiving and giving head. He gets turned on seeing someone burying his face into his crotch. Better yet, some handsome face slowly licking his cockhead and engulfing his boner, inch by inch. Head trip.

Of course he loves giving head, too. He enjoys seeing a juicy cock staring at him, teasing him with that piss slit. He loves the feeling of taking a big one in, all the way. He has mastered the art without gagging, of actually feeling the tip of the head bang against his tonsils. He delights in hearing grunts and gasps of pleasure as he devours with abandon. Though sometimes he can get carried away and hurt with his teeth.

The few times he has tried anal, he quickly realized his preference for the top role. He remembered his first time to top. He was lying on his back as his partner then was giving him head. He suddenly got up, got lube and poured it on his straining dick. Slowly, his partner sat on his engorged cock. He could see him wince at the pain. But soon he had it all inside. It felt warm and.. snug. When his partner started going up and down on his dick, he started to feel the difference between a fuck and a suck. His whole cock was engaged. Each square inch was feeling the rubbing of skin and against wet, hot soft rectal tissue.

He noticed how his pelvis seemed to automatically thrust upward, without him even trying. So he asked his partner to lie down on his back and he tried to the missionary now. He raised his partner's butt with some pillows so he could angle his cock better. He held one of his legs high with one hand, and with the other, guided his cock into the asshole. The ability to control his thrusting was amazing. He was even able to kiss his partner wildly as he pushed his hips deeper and deeper into his fuckhole.

That was an amazing experience. But it didn't happen too often. His partner was so conscious of being 'clean', so he goes through the motions of douching. But because there was much effort to it, that didn't become part of the routine. It was saved for special occasions.

More so with casual one-night-stands. He chanced on one hot hook-up that turned awful because hot guy didn't prepare. Ugh. The stench. Even with a condom on, he couldn't get the smell out of his mind. Thankfully, he still managed to consummate. But that also meant that anal penetration was not going to be a regular thing. Meeting a guy ready and clean was assumed to be a rarity.

He did, however, remember that one hot encounter in a hotel gym wet floor. It started as a typical jack-off inside the wet sauna. But since there were hardly anybody in the shower stalls early afternoon, they got to continue in the shower. Dude was very lean, a twink with shaved head. But really cute. While in the shower, dude couldn't help himself. He soaped his cock and just let him fuck there, bareback. Lucas, was quite alarmed about this risky behavior but what the heck could he do? He already had his cock inside him. And again, his hips did the 'talking' and the thrusting automatically.

He was looking at the pic of this new social media friend. He wondered why he was getting all these thoughts of fucking suddenly. He didn't even know if the guy is a bottom. Anyway, he added him up. Shortly after, he got a PM.

"Hey. Thanks for adding me."

"No problem, dude. Have we met before?"

"Ah. Not really. But I see you at the gym. And when I saw you here on FB, I took a chance."

"Ah. Which branch?"


"Uh Ok. I'm not always there. Home branch is Greenhills."

"I noticed that. I don't always see you."

"So what's up?"

"Nothing much. Passing the time away here at home. Will gym later. You?"

"Finishing some stuff I brought home from work. And checking out FB while I'm at it."

"Cool. Multi-tasking."

"Yeah. Don't we all?"

"True. I'm looking at this TV show."

"Uh Ok. I'm checking out some of your pics. You've been traveling a lot."

"Stalking my FB, eh? Hahaha"

"Guilty as charged. Sorry."

"No apologies needed. I checked you out, too."

"haha I hope I didn't disappoint."

"I approved the request, didn't I? Besides, I'm open to meeting new friends."

"Oh. Friends-zone. LOL"

"Whoa. What did you have in mind?"

"Just kidding."

"No, seriously. I like that being up front. Straightforward."

"You're hot. Have been crushing on you at the gym."

"Bola. You flatter me."

"Let's hangout some time."

"Uhmm. I'm not the hanging out type. Got my friends for that. Besides, I might be going for a massage later."

"Massage, I can do that."


"Yeah. I actually studied that for a while."

"You are pulling my leg so you can have your hand on my leg. Joke"

"No. I kid not. Online course. Because partner wanted it then."


"Yeah. Open one, if that's what you're really asking."


"I can give you a massage."

"I will not refuse that."

"Cool. Let's do it."

"You got a place?"

"Yeah. Share it with my sister but I got my own room."

"And you're fine doing it there."

"Sure. I bring tricks home."

"Ok. That's cool. But I'll be straightforward. If I'm not into you, no hard feelings ok? We just shake hands and I'll say something like I've got to go."

"Ok. Of course. I understand."

"Works both ways, too."

"Nah. I've seen you. I know what I want. So when?"

"Told you I was going to go for a massage later, right?"

"Yeah, right. Later then, at the gym in Makati"

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