Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Autumn Break

Back in the East Coast after hmm.. 7 years! I planned this trip in February. I knew I wanted to see autumn colors again and visit my sister, based in NJ.

The foliage did not disappoint as I arrived last week. Over the weekend, we (my Ate, nephew and I) drove to Boston, Massachusetts. The vistas were stunning driving over there. From afar, the hills looked filled with color cotton balls in the most gorgeous palette. I drove halfway going there and back (4 1/2 hours leisurely with stops). I enjoyed driving at the speeds required here. Somehow, it doesn't tire you as much.

On the way to Boston, we dropped by Yale in Connecticut. I bought Yale shirts as I've started to collect shirts from the 'famous' universities in the US. (not necessarily the Ivy League because this really started with my trip to Stanford in 2013). Of course in Boston, I had to get shirts from MIT and Harvard.

Ahhh. MIT. I once dreamt of taking my masters there. This was when I was still teaching in UP. I wanted to get into the Brain and Neuroscience program. But sadly, I didn't make the cut. I love that a huge part of the campus is along the river.

Harvard is so touristy. Poor students. Haha It is a bit more dense, with the beautiful old buildings sitting close to each other.

On the last night in Boston, I checked out the top gay club (according to the site gayboston), Club Cafe. It was easy to get to, using the "T" (that's the nickname for their subway system). I liked the place, with a section for dining and a bar for drinking. Then, a part opens up to be an open area, a dance floor, if you must. Very mixed crowd of LGBT including straights. Best part was that they were playing diva music that Saturday night. That was fun.

Now, it's back "home", in my sister's place in New Jersey. It's one of those small commuter towns, quaint actually. I've chosen to just relax at home, catch up on TV shows and blog. I don't want to pressure myself to do the tourist things here or up in NY. I'll just take it easy. Yes, it is my autumn break.

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