Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Shemitah complete

With May's ending came the end of my 'Shemitah year'. Funny that it coincides with the proclamation of the new president, riding on a campaign of coming change. The changes in major aspects of my life have come to pass as I celebrate 50 years of life.

It is weird state to be in. It is 'business as usual' but also very different. Haha. I am now transitioning to the new order. I think of two machines, one huge and another small, both with many moving parts slowly integrating midstream. The gears and wheels of both are turning rapidly yet will have to seamlessly lock-in at certain points to become one huge machine.

I am excited. I thought that at 50 years old, I was going to prepare for retirement. It was going to be an academic life for me, and maybe a business on the side, consultancies, too. All that would have to be postponed for now as I look at the prospects. The challenges remain daunting but there is now some measure of relief in sight. I was about to hang up all those ideas, all those initiatives but now, maybe, I can actually test some of them. That excites me.

But it also weighs me down. Sometimes I don't know if I could still take the load and the stress that comes with it. This body is old and creaking at the joints. Again, a mix of emotions is at play.

On the lighter side of things, though, I feel good about how 'this old body' is still able to maintain itself. I may actually be in a better fitness level than before. It may be my best ever. I think I have finally gotten the right recipe of diet and exercise and willpower to lower my body fat percentages. It doesn't show as much but I try not to fret as much, too. It ain't looking great but it ain't so bad either.

As a whole, things are looking up.

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Anonymous said...

I've been religiously following this blog for maybe 6 or 7 years now. And, I practically saw how this blog transitioned from "I-love-being-in-a-relationship-but-I-am-almost-always-too-horny-and-tempted-to-cheat-on-my-partner" posts, "The materialistic CC", which I miss by the way. (I miss your car updates. I think your last post was about your mazda sports car.) Then, you transitioned into writing more about your Nanay, her health condition, and your frequent hospital visits. And then, you had several "throw back to my high school life" posts. Until one day, you were serious about sharing your catholic faith.

However, there is one consistent topic that you have been discussing in this blog then and now; your body. Although, I noticed that the reasons behind your "body" posts have also evolved... From I want to look great, I want abs, I can achieve my ideal body weight, body mass index, etc. until it became more of a "I just want to take good care of my body period post."

CC, happy birthday! Can I make a wish? I'm too tired imagining how you look. I want to see you on your birthday sana. hehehe

closet case said...

Hello! Thanks for having been a longtime raider! Haha Send me a personal email and I'll show ytou how I look. :-)