Sunday, July 10, 2016


Despite lacking the wet floor scene, and the amenities, I just love getting home service massage. The convenience makes up for everything. I usually have massages weekday evenings, after my workouts. This becomes even more satisfying after a run. My achy feet and legs are treated to kneading that is both painful and pleasurable.

I have special linens for the purpose. These are laid on top of the beddings so these don't get stained with oil (and other body fluids LOL). Sometimes I am considering buying that portable massage cot in S&R, but it won't fit inside my itsy-bitsy bedroom. I recreate the spa ambience with the diffuser (mist humidifier) from Muji, which has its own mood light.

After the massage, I can easily take a quick hot shower and go straight to bed. I am just so relaxed after a great massage.

I know of the horror stories, though. I have heard of gruesome reports on media of 'single guys stabbed repeatedly by an assailant who must have been familiar to the victim.' I am thankful that none of that has happened ever. I have also put up some precautionary steps to minimize the risk.

I would prefer referrals though lately, I have taken chances with some who were not. I ask the household help (yes, they know that I have regular massages) to always open the door for them. This way, the therapist knows there are other people in house. And they have been seen and 'monitored'.

I definitely hide the valuables from sight and just put the payment somewhere else for easy access. The rubbers and lube are also at the bedside table. But that's another story. :-)

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Anonymous said...


I've been an avid reader of your blog since 2012. Commenting now because I want to get masseur referrals from you for home service.


Allen Jasson said...

Nice article, very useful information.

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SilverwingX said...

I haven't tried home service. A close friend of mine got a referral from another friend and still he got scammed.

closet case said...

Yikes, Silverwing. What kind of scam was this?

Illust said...

Wondering if you'd like to have a free massage from a fan? =)
Happy ending promised lol

alen said...

i had an ipod stolen once by a home service masseur whom i got from planet romeo. massage wasn't even good. i don't know where to get recommendations though so i just go to a nearby asian massage from my place. but home service does have its conveniences.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha!!! I like the last two sentences of this post and hoping you can expound on this another story that you've mentioned.

closet case said...

Illust, haha serious ba yan? Haha

Alen, sorry to hear about that bad experience. Never tried PR for home service.

More MMJ stories to come...

Illust said...

Yes! I live in HK and if you are in town I'd love to offer my service =)