Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016

I haven't experienced a rainy New Year (at exactly 12am) in a long time (I actually can't recall any.) It was actually quite a spoiler. But it didn't keep the neighbors, nor me, from lighting up those sparklers and some fireworks.

I used to do much preparation for a new year: haircut, new clothes, having all those round shapes in the house. I didn't do anything special at all this year. Maybe it's the age. Maybe because whether I prepare or not, how the year turns out is totally unrelated to that. That is the very definition of superstition, I suppose.

2015 is over, and I'm all the better for it. I was just so hopeful when 2015 came. But as the months passed, I became less and less enthusiastic. It was a difficult year for me. My folks' medical challenges returned (after a 2014 hiatus). Even the challenges at work were worse than before. Again, it's all over.

The bright spot is that my relationship with c3 is wonderful and stable. He is a beautiful person (confidently beautiful) with a good heart (not just a heart). I am blessed by his love and support.

I'm turning golden this year. Yes, I am preparing for that. I feel that is still a milestone that needs to be celebrated.

Hello 2016. Hello from the other side.


Simon said...

Happy new year :) Hope things will be great for us

D Kid said...

Have a good year! You and C3! God bless

Guyrony said...

Happy New Year CC!

closet case said...

Happy New Year, raiders Thanks for the greetings! Thanks for continuing to read. Let's all have a better year ahead.