Sunday, August 26, 2007

Etiquette for Gay Mistresses

- your man thinks about you, and sometimes, even if he has his primary in his arms.
- always feel good about yourself. you must have been that HOT for your man to risk this affair.
- enjoy the moments together, however few and far between these may be. have fun with the agreements AND the disagreements.
- go on and continue dating. that will always be your prerogative. the beauty of this is in the moment.
- the less you expose him to your world, the better actually. let him be 'mr big' of carrie bradshaw. sometimes there sometimes not. oh i know, sometimes it would be great if you could shout this love to the whole world. but sometimes, quiet joy is best!
- question not the circumstances, the love of your man. let the love behaviors speak for themselves.
- make sure you have your own life. continue doing that - going out with your friends, doing stuff you like. dont let your world revolve around your man. perhaps that is what he liked about you in the 1st place!


JOSH said...

so are these like d rules for an affair? why not a Troika? hehehe

closet case said...

troika is covered by another experience, josh! hahaha. seriously, id rather do this than have a three-way sort of relationship... call me selfish!