Friday, August 2, 2013

My "Before" experience

C3 and I watched "Before Midnight" a few weeks ago. I loved it. And it was perfect because we did the "Before" series marathon a few nights before. So they were literally aging before our eyes. :)

I got reminded of my almost-romantic non-date in 2008. A whole day spent with a guy I just met in Hong Kong. And it was all conversation while doing a hike. Here's the blogpost.

He was not so handsome, but he was tall and lanky. And very smart. We covered a lot of ground then, both literally (hiking in the hinterlands of Hong Kong) and figuratively. But a large part was me talking about my failed relationship (just broke up that time). He was insightful and attentive and witty. But we didn't do any philosophy or existential stuff.

I just loved how romantic that entire day was. And it wasn't even a date. I just accompanied him on his hike because I didn't have anything else to do then. I was smitten, more by the circumstance, I admit. But he was a very likeable person. I just didn't feel it was mutual. So we never even got to that part where we openly flirted. (Skinny dipping is not flirting.)

We are still in touch. A few times we would meet up, when he passes Manila or when I am in HK. We are friends now.

But I will still look at that day as one of the most romantic days ever. And I would never tell him about it.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the movie as well, the boob scene was longer than required. It was disturbing. Haha.

Of the three, i find Before Sunset more fascinating but i am in love with all the movies. Celine is a total nut job. Beautiful. Haha.

Victor Saudad said...

skinny dipping, not flirting?