Monday, May 30, 2011

ex-rated photos

i was doing my attic-fixing. i was finally able to put the cabinets ive wanted for it. so im organizing all the stuff (junk mostly) to be stored there. i came upon this plastic bag of pics from an old life - pics during my time with immediate ex.

and we amassed quite a set. birthday parties, trips local and abroad. new condo. barkada get-togethers. i remembered separating all of these from my photo albums and stuffing them there.

what do i do with them? do i throw them out? do i keep them? i guess our current not-in-speaking-terms arrangement and all that bad vibe between us is pushing me towards getting rid of them all.

what would you do with ex-rated pics?

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lonewolf said...

throw it away or burn it

Jedd said...

Why not save just one photo of when you guys were at your happiest then throw away the rest.

Ming Meows said...

bigay mo sa ibang tao.

Anonymous said...

i burned everything. pics, letters, gifts. some which i could not burn, i threw into sea. very liberating.. don't get me wrong, but i am still very much in speaking terms with my first ex but my second? better to have wiped out everything. i think it's better that way. if you have memories that are good, it will always be in your head/heart anyway.

JC said...

Keep one pic --either of ex alone, or you alone-- where you think (either of) you were happiest. It will be good to remember you were also happy during that period of your life. Not all of sadness, betrayal, etc.