Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Passion Of The Corporate Closet

That trip to Boracay allowed me to get to know my friends a little better. They are mostly in their mid-30's, upwardly mobile, and seemed to be very passionate about making tons of money. Not that they are wanting. They are doing very well. And lately, the discussions center around acquiring real estate properties. more and more.

I was quiet for the most part. Hesitant to contribute. Yes, I am fortunate enough to have 'enough' to be even part of this group. But I just don't have the 'fire' in my eyes when the talk is about this piece of property or that investment or that return, unlike them. They turn to me and question my acquisition of Simply Red (my sportscar). I slowly answer "i just enjoy driving the car." They ignore that. And it becomes the usual talk about asset depreciation vs real estate value appreciation. blah blah

The discussion made me think of what i'm most passionate about. i want to spend my life doing what i enjoy, and what i'm passionate about. Since i'm never going to be passionate about wealth and asset acquisition, I can never think of myself as doing that for the rest of my life. (Hence, I am not going to be filthy rich anytime soon)

With the little that I have, i want to enjoy it and not just accumulate for later consumption. (Of course, it's on top of a kitty for life's emergencies). Which is why I bought Simply Red in the first place. I enjoy driving that little red car. I enjoy being with the company of people I love (family, pc, friends) I enjoy being entertained by good movies. I enjoy wonderful music. I enjoy expressing myself through song and sometimes, dance.

But Passion... that's another thing. I realized I am lucky to be doing what I am passionate about - I am passionate about creating winning marketing strategies. That sounds so geeky. But it's so true. I can get carried away building strategies, creating plans, programs and tactics. I can brainstorm for hours and let the mind just wander. I feel so energized after great meetings with my team, with my ad and media agencies. And I love seeing these things through to fruition. Executing. Implementing. And I get to do these and earn from it!

Which explains, too, why I am a corporate guy. My mind is built to look at strategies that require huge resources, multi-level, cross-functional coordination. I do not have the skill nor the patience to use this 'passion' at a micro-enterprise level, with meager resources. And even as I admire the negosyantes, I do not envy them. I'm not built the way they are.

Yes, I found my passion. And my work and the industry I am part of, continue to challenge me to create and create some more. They ape our strategies shamelessly. And instead of being angry, I just feel more energized. Time to get back to the drawing board and create some more! Always on our toes. Always creating!

Ooops. I get carried away. Sorry. How about you? Have you found your passion?

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Animo said...

Sadly, I haven't found mine yet. That thought has been bugging me year after year. "am I doing what I'm passionate about?" or am I settling for mediocrity? Everytime I feel unhappy about the job I have right now this question pops right in front of me but then I hear a small voice from the coward inside of me, "you're safe now, you have a stable job, remember, you're the breadwinner right now, you can't take risks" I just lose to this kind of argument when I think of my family. But then I want to walk on water. If I want to walk on water, I need to get out of the boat. I need to step out of my comfort zone. I just need to focus what I'm passionate about. Im passionate about sales, marketing and the likes. I'm passionate in meeting and mingling with different kinds of people. I have a knack on talking. That explains why this comment is so long. Hahaha peace man! Felt like I already blogged on your blog! Haha