Sunday, May 15, 2011

random thoughts on the deck

its 935pm. im enjoying the breeze on the deck, something i havent done in a while. super clear sky. an almost-full moon overhead. everything just seems... right.

i am reminded of how scared i used to be outdoors at night in this place, in the old house. in that old rickety house, aswangs and tikbalangs and white ladies seemed so real. i dreaded stepping out, fearful that they'd be lurking in the caimito or the chesa trees. now i cant even begin to feel any fear. hahaha must be my age, too.

i came from a confenrence a few days ago. im usually just there to meet and greet clients. a social function really. and as a colleague of mine was introducing me to some clients, i was pleasantly surprised that one of them was just extremely goodlooking. as in drop-dead handsome. i actually saw him in one of the events a few months back. and even then he was a standout.

and we got to talking, usual client pleasantries. pleasantries that stretched to the entire afternoon. business talks primarily. but i have to admit a kilig factor there somewhere. haha but later on, the novelty wore off. and when i was viewing some of the photos, he didnt turn out to be photogenic. haha. nevertheless, that brightened my day and my trip. :-)

ill be going out of town again on tuesday. davao this time. i panicked last night because it seemed that my mom couldnt remember that i gave her the plane ticket. i distinctly remembered having given it to her. so it was pissing me off that she couldnt remember and couldnt find it. i was so sure i endorsed it to her.

or did i? it turned out i actually didnt. i found the ticket in the drawer. so what the hell was the distinct "memory" i had of giving her the ticket? was i hallucinating it? talking to pc about it made him jokingly ask me if i was turning schizophrenic. yikes! scary thought! di naman sana! lol

on a final note, my iphone just died. seemed like suicide actually. i had the foresight to synch it before the death. so im not as bothered. but texting again on a numeric keypad is effort-ful! sigh

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Anonymous said...

poor iphone. ~ k

Gail Dimapilis said...

Sweet! I'm officially a fan now. :) -Gail