Saturday, May 21, 2011

new PAL inflight safety video

after probably a decade, PAL finally changed their inflight video. i remember how the old one became "popular" since it supposedly featured the flight attendant Erap hooked up (?) with. funny thing was on my flight to jakarta previously, ms FA was actually our FA. i wanted her autograph. Lol. i should have. since they changed the video. she's now an archived icon! haha

anyway, i like the effort they put to make the video entertaining. mega-production. with loads of animation. i just found it a tad too entertaining. a bit over. the senior citizen main actor did his part well. the script, the direction should have taken a more sombre tone. but it will catch attention.

so i rate it an A for A-fort. but that's just me. :-)

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Pipo said...

Aliw yung mamang pasahero. ^^