Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This has become such a bad word. Especially when 'demanding' good service.' You would think in this customer-centric world that good service is a foregone conclusion. But it isn't. Yes, there are industries where competition is tough and 'good service' is a baseline expectation. But ordinary retail outlets, mom & pop stores unfortunately do not always practice such as a credo.

So are you 'entitled' to good service? Depends on the industry. Depends on the circumstances. This reminds me of airline story. An FA (flight attendant) acquaintance of ours tells of the story of this Pinay be-ach in Business Class scolding the crew for being noisy. She was just giving everybody a good dress-down, expecting so much from them since she was in 'business class'. In retaliation, the crew did some pretty nasty things covertly. To her food. No, I won't get into any gross details. She felt entitled to 'good service' as she defined it. And she demanded it. And boy, did she get what she more than what she bargained for.

So now I watch my words when 'expecting' good service. Restaurants, bars. But then again, how will they learn to professionalize if you don't speak your mind out? I guess it will always be a case of exercising maximum tolerance first. Then exercise tact and judgment even if you are just fuming mad inside.

But what about employees? Shouldn't one expect good performance of duties and responsibilities since you are actually 'paying' labor wages? Why is it that when I was ranting about help and employees, some condemned me for being such an entitlted be-acH? I certainy do not agree. This is where I draw the line. Good performance must be demanded of employees. The salary must be earned well. Attention must be called to failure to perform satisfactorily. Of course, tact and judgment should still be used in correcting and penalizing.

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Arwind said...

We're so used to mincing words and beating the bush that when someone actually steps up and demands what is needed straight up, quite a commotion arises.

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

ay, ang guilty ko. naging be-ach na rin ako dati sa mga resto. haha. behave naman na ako, dati yun. lol.

Mr. Hush Hush said...

I agree CC. I do not tolerate mediocre performances as we are being paid for every drop of sweat. I am still learning to this day, that when push comes to shove, how hard do I this without being 'condemned' by my colleagues? Tough tough.