Thursday, June 23, 2011

quickie KL

now waiting for my ride from the hotel to airport here in kuala lumpur. its been decades since ive been here. a lot more modern and upscale now.

they look like there is a lot of disposable income.

the fountain below, at bukit bintang, i found quite original. oriental bowls as bases!

tried to squeeze a visit to the petronas twin towers. but was aghast when i saw this queue at 10am

ended up shopping at the mall there, suriya klcc. pretty big and high-end. finally found the luggage ive been looking for. more of that on another post.

the new airport structure is also impressive. spotlessly clean. nice layout. but the terminal duty free shopping is so limited. i hope they take their cue from changi, or even bangkok, for a better shopping experience!

as for the eye candy... surprisingly i noticed pleasant looking guys in the malls! some of them look like they have south asian blood. and a few hunks, too.

no, this post does not end with a quickie with malaysian. :-) it ends with a note that id like to come back and see more of malaysia.

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Martin said...

Other than shopping, nothing much to see in KL I find. But it's super modern, it's not Singapore but everything's heading towards that direction.

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